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Cost of the ZX81 Kit

Can you trust us - well the answer is 2500+ other happy people have ! Please take a look at our Ebay rating to see what other people have said about us

First - what do you get for your money ?

First you get a computer that if you choose to build it will give you , your children , and your friends many happy hours of interest and fun , how many computer kits exist on the market today , not many if any , would you not prefer your child to build and know what a computer is really about , rather than just play games on a modern one ?

You get a computer that is a piece of history , a computer that while over 20 years old , has been preserved and stored and is boxed like new. You get one of the original build your own kits , which are much rarer than a built ZX81 , as most people opted to buy a complete built one. What you are getting in our opinion is an investment also. Whilst of course nothing is guaranteed , the numbers of these kits are limited , and are on a first come basis , all I can tell you is that in the last few years , as retro computers and games have increased in popularity , demand has shot up , and so have prices , and a good example of the way it might go , might be the ZX80 computer , to find a reasonable condition working one in just its poly box you are generally looking at 400+ , to find an unbuilt boxed KIT ZX80 you must be looking at over 1000+.

Of course we cannot promise this will happen with the ZX81 Kits , but as these are brand new , as good as they get condition kits , and in limited supply , in a few years time do you want to be kicking yourself ???

Now what do you actually get included , you get the clean , boxed almost mint condition Sinclair ZX81 kit , which has all the components in it you need to build it , or keep as a display piece or investment. You get a copy of the how to build it instructions , and you get a Brand New copy of the book - Basics of Timex Sinclair 1500/1000 BASIC. All you need to buy if you choose to build it and use it is a cheap power pack , as these computers where originally destined for the South American market and so the power supply which comes with them is not 240V , but these are readily available and cheap to buy a suitable one.

So how much actually does it cost ?

Well if you can get a second hand one from a computer dealer or on Ebay I have seen them changed hands from 99 up to 200 plus postage , well we are not going to charge you a silly price and we are giving you all the extra items as well.

Well you could ship one in form the USA , which would cost you the price of the original item , plus shipping from the USA , plus import duty , or if you are in Europe you could buy one from us for the incredibly low price of just -



(Includes Kit itself , Book , and Assembly Instructions)


(Plus Packing & Delivery To Your Country)


You can now buy your kit directly from our new online shop here at -




We are happy to send a ZX81 Kit anywhere in the world





Please carefully read our terms and conditions before buying a kit , we will only sell you a kit if you have read and fully understood and agree with them.